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What is the Price of Norditropin Pen?

Norditropin pen priceSince the inception of commercial manufacturing of synthesized human growth hormone, people have used different HGH supplements for a wide variety of purposes. The top of the peak product in the current market is Norditropin pen, also known as Nordilet. This inexpensive and highly efficient product has left many users charmed with the extensive health effects. But, what does the market say about Norditropin pen price? Well, this writing will clarify the issue.

Norditropin Pen Price

Before moving into the discussion of Norditropin pen price, let’s check why and how it is used. First of all, this synthesized HGH injection is not a generic HGH product like many supplements out there in the market. So, if you are planning specifically to give your body a go with reducing aging effects, building lean muscle, burning unwanted excessive fat and so on, and Norditropin pen is the perfect option for you.
Secondly, this injection has been particularly popular among the HGH using community for its ability to push forward the children who are born with HGH deficiency. HGH deficiency is a condition of genetic deformity where the child’s pituitary gland cannot produce enough growth hormone to stimulate the body. Then comes the need for Norditropin pen. However, Norditropin price includes two varieties. In one variety, you can buy pens worth 10 mg of hormone, and the other one comes with 15 mg.

10 MG Norditropin Price

Since consumers are required to keep using injections for a longer period of time, the price therefore varies depending on what number of shots per package contains. Buyers have to spend between $16 and $20 per UI. 10 MG injections contain 30 IUs per pen.

15 MG Norditropin Price

On the other hand, if you want to get results more quickly, you have to spend a bit more with 15 MG pens. 15 MG pens contain 45 IU per pen, and the price is the same per IU.
However, if you notice the market trend, you would find that Nordilet pen, manufactured by the health-giant Novo Nordisk, is leading the industry. People are buying this injection like hotcake mostly because of the immediate results it generates.
If you are planning to make your year of 2016 more special, you are always free to begin it with a Norditropin pen package. What makes this product standalone from other similar injections is that it is in the form of pen, and can be carried anywhere any time. Even if you are on the go, you can use it as it requires no refrigeration. Once you open a Nordilet pen, it can be used for a maximum of 3 weeks if the temperature is moderate.
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