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What is bovine Somatropin?

bovine hgh Chinese low quality  Human Growth Hormone is a topic of interest to those researching about Human Growth Hormone or somatropin, so at HGH Suppliers we thought it was important to make a space and talk about this interesting subject to help you make the correct decision when buying authentic FDA approved HGH .

The use of bovine Somatropin (bST) has been approved by the FDA in the U.S. since 1993, and it's used to increase the milk produce by cows. However it function was first discovered way back in 1937. This hormone affects a cow's milk production if its injected with it on a regular basis, producing up to 15% more with a relative low cost.

The bST hormone is a protein that is broken down into inactive amino acids and peptides so it has to be injected rather than swallowed due to a cow's digestive system. Usually cows have a peak milk production of 7 to 9 weeks after lactation has started, milk production then slowly declines. This normal decrease is reduced by the bST treatment.

There is a small controversy whether to advocate or not the use of this hormone on cows since the synthetic bST cannot be differentiated from the natural bST in milk. As a fact all milk contains small amounts of this hormone, even if the cows have not being treated with bST. This hormone has no effect of humans as it has been carefully reviewed by several food and medical organizations, so it is safe to consume meat and dairy products that come from bST treated cattle. The bovine Somatropin is digested by humans just like any other protein and is also destroyed in the pasteurization process.

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Be Aware that the use of cut-priced imitation injectable growth hormone products  could be possibly harmful as they are usually made from Bovine Somatropin. Ansomone, Jintropin and Fitropin are the counterfeit culprits.

Always consult a medical doctor before the use of any Human GH.