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Why HGH Injections are better than HGH Pills

hgh injectionsHGH refers to Human Growth Hormone which secretes naturally in our body to cause our growth and development. HGH deficiency can be supplemented by HGH Injections. When there is a true hormone deficiency a Doctor can prescribe HGH Injections to enhance growth. HGH is produced in larger amount during childhood and adolescence and its production gradually decreases with age.

Functions of HGH Injections

The primary function of HGH is to bring growth and development in human body. But it also enhances muscle strength, bone strength and density and development of reproductive organs. If a children or a youth is found having deficiency in growth hormone, Hormone Replacement Therapy is prescribed by authorized medical practitioners. HGH Injections like somatotropin are sold only on the basis of prescription of a doctor. The injection is found very effective in enlarging muscle and bodybuilding. It also improves the bone density. Farther it can also act as an anti-aging and sex enhancer. Thus, the product is very much sought after. Injectable HGH in the form of lyophilized powder has to be activated adding bacterio-static water as opposed to ready to use mixed HGH injections that come in a pen form.
With so many HGH releaser pills on the market , it becomes more difficult to make an educated decision on which HGH product is the best .Pills are sold over the counter with or without prescription. But question is how effective is such medication by pills?

Why HGH Injection is better than HGH pills

: hgh injections or hgh pillsMany of us are unaware of the difference between HGH Injections and HGH pills and expect same result from both. Both HGH Injections and HGH Pills are taken to get the similar result. But, HGH Injections are better than HGH Pills due to following reasons –
  1. As HGH Injections mix directly in your blood while HGH Pills first go to stomach and then absorbed in blood vessels. Thus an injection works faster than a pill.
  2. You should take growth hormones only if you are found to have deficiency. Your doctor is the right person to decide if you really need them. So when you are using HGH Injections you are ensured of its need and safety.
  3. You should consult a doctor for the right dose. Using for beautification may have side effects. HGH Injections if taken subcutaneously work faster and more effectively and should be always taken under safeguard of medical super vision.
Thus before purchasing HGH on your own you should consult a physician and test your blood and then if required and prescribed get HGH Injections accordingly. Follow the link to order genuine injectable HGH online.